The Grotto

The Grotto, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia
This was taken on a trip between Adelaide and Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s great drives. The natural rock arch was a nice frame for the ocean behind but with the dark foreground and light background I couldn’t get my iPhone 4 camera to take the kind of photo I wanted. So, I took two photos and this is an amateur attempt at post-process HDR in Serif’s Affinity Photo. In the end the focus on the background is a bit too soft, I would have preferred a softer foreground and sharper background, and I’m not sure I made the most of the framing in the arch.

The trip was over a weekend with family, I flew into Adelaide on Friday afternoon and flew out of Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, so it was quick and with a lot of driving. We also had some wild weather but that added to feel of the adventure, resulted in some picturesque sunsets, and the cold, windy weather and the rough seas complemented the stark, and at times desolate, coastline.

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